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Road2Hire provides professional training, development and job placement for recent high school graduates in the Charlotte metro area. Our mission is to promote economic mobility for motivated young adults, regardless of their ability to afford college.


The Road2Hire Tech Program focuses on teaching tech-savvy high school graduates (ages 18-24) the skills they need to break into the fields of web design and web development in Charlotte. Beyond coding, students learn the everyday expertise they need to succeed personally and professionally.


The Road2Hire Sales Program builds the foundation for successful careers in sales and customer service. Charlotte area high school graduates (ages 18-24) develop professional skills in a high-support environment that will prepare them to enter the workforce in North Carolina or South Carolina. 

Former Graduate Spotlight


Tech Program, Class of 2014

Before applying to Road2Hire, Katherine was interested in pursuing a career in the medical field, but college was not affordable. "Road2Hire opened my mind to a career in technology. It gave me valuable skills and professional experience.” Katherine completed the program and accepted a job offer from Red Ventures. One year later, she received a scholarship to Wake Forest University, where she’s now studying full time.


Tech Program, Class of 2015

Unlike most people who apply to Road2Hire, Chuck was not a new high school graduate when we received his application. He had recently been medically discharged from the U.S. Navy. He didn’t have a technical background, but he didn’t let that stop him. “Road2Hire gave me a shot, even though I didn’t fit the typical criteria, and a few months later, I had the tools necessary to earn a job offer at Red Ventures!”


Tech Program, Class of 2015

Bejoy applied to the Road2Hire tech program about a year ago. At the time, he had a part-time job and was a full time student, but he didn't feel motivated in the classroom environment. “Road2Hire gave me a hands-on learning opportunity and allowed me to focus on what I’m best at: coding and problem solving. I have learned more about computer science from this program than I did in school and best of all, I enjoy it!” Bejoy is now working full time as a Junior Engineer at Red Ventures.

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